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Go to Ross and Donna Gentry, bullying, abusive, harassing apt managers and Santa Monica City personnel ignoring their own laws.

GoFundMe: Save Us from these Bullies!

Cherie the Penguin: LOL at the thought of Jenny Lens being afraid of ANYONE!!! Fat chance!”

Casually found this quote when I revised the layout of this site. Cherie the Penguin was one of the MOST assertive LA punk women. One thing which set LA Punk Women apart from others was our assertiveness. Guts. Willingness to take risks. To stand up for what we believe. It’s one main reason I was drawn to punk.

Takes a lotta chutzpah to stand up and call people bullying harassers. I was threatened, quite illegally. Then include TOP folks from City Hall. BUT I have emails. Text messages. Photos. Vids. To answer the question Ross Gentry posed at least twice recently, in emails:

“Who are they going to believe?”

Well, YOU all tell me. With YOUR own words, YOUR emails. Plus MY international reputation. I dunno Ross, but you might be surprised!

I can’t live this way. Seeing and hearing the brutality, the irrational rules, the code violations. Being prohibited from photographing “flowers and trees” outside my door. IN my own apartment courtyard. NOT white privilege.

Read what Ross Gentry called Chinese students (“disgusting pigs“) and see and hear what he told mature Latino men (“Fuck off, boy!“). Plus his wife, Donna Gentry. Her words and body language cuts through me like a knife. NO ONE has ever talked to me the way Donna Gentry talks to people. I’m truly shocked her at her outrageous claims.

Ross and Donna Gentry, bullying, abusive, harassing apt managers and Santa Monica City personnel ignoring their own laws.

Plus the City. I’m updating all this … but there’s enough to get ya going. Fighting the good fight.

We need your help! Every dollar put into separate, dedicated account to duke this out. Please help over 100 tenants to live in peace and harmony. Not be chased out by brutal, abusive, harassing, irrational managers, with approval from the owner and City Personnel hired or elected to protect renters! Thank you for helping us!

GoFundMe: Save Us from these Bullies!
Thank YOU! Please Spread the Word!

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