Future Plans

A great need for what you are doing and could be doing exists. The support exists as well.

Sadly, many of us have dealt with a variety of non-profits, often subsidized by local government, who lack the energy, initiative, compassion and accomplishments of All Together LA.

The biggest factor is often the presence or lack of willingness to learn and do the proscribed work in a manner others can also understand and contribute.

Site: refining the site, detailing accomplishments, goals (immediate and long term) and more, some listed below, will attract donors and volunteers. Updates and maintenance.

Guided assistance: reach out to various schools and tech businesses for expertise of others.

Interns and volunteers: enlist high school and college students, and people of ALL ages, to contribute their knowledge and/or willingness to learn and be part of your team.

It is VITAL they agree to follow directions, offering input, but following directions! Too many will do things their way, creating confusion and extra work for others. People can gain skills or use skills they have, but they must be good at following directions. Input and feedback is vital, but being in alignment with what others are doing is essential.

(Said by someone with years of experience teaching and working with others. Nothing worse than people who argue and do what they want, rather than what is needed and expected.)

Social media help to update not just Instagram, but people are on Twitter and Facebook.

Skills needed: knowledge of concise, attention getting text, strong CTA (Calls to Action), SEO (search engine keywords and tags), photo and graphic skills.

Consistent posting and prompt, polite, enthusiastic responses to comments and questions.

Testimonials: ask for more testimonials (create easy input form on site).

Community Section: ask community for ideas, feedback (create easy input form on site).

Grant writers: research, compile data (who provides grants, money, hardware, software, etc with web address (url), contacts, email, phone, etc.

  • Plus bookmark and/or download applications and proposal information.
  • Write proposals for grants, corporate and business support.
  • Properly done, Apple, Microsoft, software/app companies will donate hardware and software.
  • Businesses and individuals love to see their logos supporting worthy causes.

Reach out to LA County, LA City, Santa Monica City, West Hollywood, etc other cities for financial and marketing support is essential.

EPK: Electronic Press Kit with various downloadable images, and well-written text for press to use, testimonials, plus organization contact info.

Press: similar to grant project, but create press releases, cover letters, research and compile press publications (print and online), web address/url, names, contact info (phone number(s) and email(s)).

Coordinate and Collaborate with other local groups and more press.

Other non-profit and government agencies and personnel can be mutually beneficial to your work and team.

These are just a few ideas, which I am sure you are aware and much, if not all, on your bucket list.