Politics Historical and Hysterical

A friend thought I wasn’t well cos I couldn’t make an early class which I usually photograph. It’s a lot of work. Lately I rather walk, walk, walk. I’m getting really committed to losing weight again. I’m seeing results which only...

A Bit More Bite, Justice Sotomayor

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor (Wall St Journal) and others going way too easy on the President-Elect. We Dems are so considerate. We have to first fight for our Constitutional Rights in spite of his win. Popular vote is on this side. More people who voted want...

Good Girls Revolt is Revolting: Not in a Good Way

Good Girls Revolt is revolting. Not in a good way. It has its moments. Women are sexually assaulted. One time a man shows his penis and balls. Another comes onto his researcher in a threatening way. Offers her chocolate. What is she to do? And for women like she,...

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