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Thanksgiving prayer: That each of us TRULY give Thanks, often, every day, for our lives. Using Facebook, I report on shit happening so we DO something. Even if only pray and spread the word. We humans CAN and MUST do

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Beirut Victims of American Agression

Major terrorist attack in Beirut, ONE day prior to Paris attack, 13 Novembre 2015. I did not know! My go-to is HuffintgtonPost.com. I appreciate my Facebook pal, Goly’s, constant reminders to the world (well, her FB wall) about suffering in the Middle

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Act of War Paris 13 November 2015

Unrelenting horror. 14 Novembre 2015. Ron Dicker, General Assignment Reporter, The Huffington Post. France has ALWAYS been anti-Semetic. I don’t fall for that crap that the Vatican was afraid to do more for French Jews during WW2. The French could not wait to

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