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Welcome to a few of my many thousands of photos. Might take a few moments for over 200 photos. Some are alphabetical. More enjoyable with captions and stories, right? With YOUR support, I can post more photos and write more. Sign my

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Dee Dee Ramone and Jenny Lens, with Johnny in background, Whisky backstage, February 20, 1977. Dee Dee Ramone and Jenny Lens, with Johnny in background, Whisky backstage, February 20, 1977.

by Richard Schaefer in Lisa Fancher’s “Street Life” fanzine. Proof I was the Ramones “numero uno fan and famous paparazzi in her own right.” In EARLY 1977!! Tantalizing sounds of the skirmishes of desire, of lips surrendering cheap kissed in

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A few words about Darby Crash and the Germs. I don’t watch current TV (got rid of my TV) but borrow some DVDs from library. Sometimes in a recent film, or something online, I hear or read the name … Darby Crash.

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The Clash! 16 Tons Tour, England, June 1980. Photos for sale:  store.jennylens.com/punk. Top and Middle: SOOC straight out of camera, no digital effects. Bottom: digitally altered. BEST LIVE SHOWS EVER. Do not remove watermarks. All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted. ENJOY!  


Joe Strummer, the Clash 16 Tons Tour, England, June, 1980. Photos for sale: store.jennylens.com/punk. Live photos: England, June 1980. Bottom: colorized, textured black and white image. BEST LIVE SHOWS EVER. Do not remove watermarks. All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted. ENJOY!


Joe Strummer, the Clash 16 Tons Tour, Santa Monica (LA County), March 3, 1980. Photos for sale: store.jennylens.com/punk. Joe Strummer Live and Backstage. BEST LIVE SHOWS EVER. Do not remove watermarks. All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted. ENJOY!


Wattles Park Birthday Party for Screamer Tomata du Plenty, and Liara, w/her sister, Chase Holiday, May 28, 1979. RARE daytime event for LA Punks! Great, colorful fashions, predicting 1980s colors, prom dresses, chiffons, layers, etc. Pre-dating Madonna and Cyndi Lauper.

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Screamers hitting liquor store before their world premiere debut.  May 28, 1977 at Steve Samioff’s loft. He was publisher of Slash Magazine (way before the record company). One of THE most memorable experiences in the lives of those present who knew we were witnessing

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Screamers debut, May 28, 1977. I LOVE these images! This is Tomata du Plenty at his best. He was charismatic and mesmerizing, on and off stage. Everyone loved Tomata, RIP. Seen in my hardcover coffee table solo photo book from Rizzoli, “PUNK

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Screamers debut, May 28, 1977. Several never before seen images, mostly low res scans from proof sheets. Have fun!


Screamers debut, May 28, 1977. Several never before seen images, mostly low res scans from proof sheets. Have fun!


Perhaps THE most iconic photo of the Screamers (large image, second from bottom). Seen on bootlegs, magazines, books, documentaries. THE centerfold in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s catalog for their Punk: from Chaos to Couture fashion gala show, 2013. Do

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Kick Boy, Claude Bessy, Masque, Jan 17, 1978

Claude “Kick Boy” Bessy, in “Decline of the Western Civilization,” Part 1, directed by Penelope Spheeris, reads a letter to the editor of Slash Magazine, his role at that pioneering punk fanzine. He relates the tale wherein the writer is

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THE SCREAMERS WERE THE GREATEST onstage and off! I’ve TONS of ah-mazing photos. Tomata du Plenty was everywhere. There’s so much I want to share, but it’s been a tough week, redesigning this site from the ground up, adding tons

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Words cannot express how I feel looking at this collage of my X photos. SO many memories, such great music, being present when songs forming, debuts, evolving, parties, people (too many departed this realm), the dreams, the fullness of living.

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Blondie Floor, Whisky, Debbie Harry, Feb 1977.

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