Thank you for looking at my site. How can I be of service?

My online photo store:

Collectors: pls be very specific about your questions. I love to read your personal stories. Thank you!

Licensing for editorial, commercial or merch usage, DETAILS:
Deadline, specs (all: dpi, height AND width in pixels, inches, cm), budget, payment process (invoicing, PayPal, wire transfer, etc).

Please be very specific which group or images you seek. I MUST have this info to move forward. Thank you!

Interviews or press coverage: I MUST HAVE FINAL TEXT EDIT. I will need signed agreements from publisher, editor and writer BEFORE I participate in ANY interview. I WILL PULL the story and seek legal action if you publish and pull quotes from my site or IF I provide information and you use it out of context.


I am tired of being misquoted, misrepresented and diminished by interviewers who are too careless to bother with using text I provide. I KNOW my own life history. Like it or leave me alone.

Thank you. I look forward to serving you IF you play nicely.

I’m updating my site. I’m not as much into punk as I am crystals. I love buying them on eBay using eBay Sniper.