David Lee Roth, Van Halen, Whisky, May 29, 1977, Jenny Lens MFA

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The ONLY reason I work on my archive 24/7 is to share a fascinating piece of history that I documented. I was acutely aware I was part of a cultural revolution. I didn’t earn several art degrees and stay up many nights for many years reading art history and early movie history (my passion) for nothin’.

Some people don’t understand this is MY work (unless otherwise noted). That means I OWN IT. I am glad to share with you, but please, let’s play fair and follow the rules. Don’t be scared off, but don’t think you can just take my photos and stories and do anything you want and leave me outta the equation. It’s much more fun when we do this together. OK?

Please refer to my Resume/Books/Docs page. My photos are the most published from the earliest LA punk scene.

I shot some of the MOST CLASSIC photos of PATTI SMITH, BLONDIE, RAMONES and other NY/Brit icons, as well as GERMS, X, AVENGERS, 1976-1980. My photos are in ALL the major projects currently in release and been in continuous international print, film, whatever since 1976.

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People who steal from me, also steal from all the performers I shot, all the fans and people who want to see my pix and read my stories. All I wanna do is get my pix out there, and be compensated. As Iggy sang, “I got a right!”

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