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Welcome to Jenny Lens, Punk Photographer, Writer, Teacher

Hi! I decided to create separate sites for separate topics. Please click on links below. Thanks for visiting.

I’m the most published early punk rock photographer, west coast, 1976-80, first gen.
My classic, beloved, rare punk photos for purchase.

Print on demand, museum archival prints, limited edition signed or not signed. Plus 12×18 photo posters: collages of the most fave bands and personalities.

Or just look at LARGE images.
Read stories and see tons more images.

Both sites great resources for licensing, fans, historians and the curious.

My online teaching site! Check it out for deets.

We don’t have to agree. We do have to respect one another.
Namaste. Peace Out. Fight the Good Fight.

Hi + Welcome to my More Permanent Home for Bits of Wisdom Lost in Facebook

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