Hello! I’m revising this site, very slowly. Please go to PunkPioneers.com to see my classic punk rock photos.

You can see larger images and buy custom print on demand, museum archival prints, limited edition signed or not signed at Jenny Lens Punk Photo Store. Both sites great resources for licensing, fans, historians and the curious.

I also post a lot of political posts, social commentary, random thoughts about books and movies, but mostly political. If you don’t like my POV, please move on. Due to the fact I juggle a lot of projects, I cannot respond to comments in a timely manner. I therefore restrict comments.

Also, my site design sucks. Please don’t judge my artistic talent by this site. I merely do not have time to work on this. Trying out a new site. Might even change it again. Keepin’ fluid. A secret for creative success.

We don’t have to agree. We do have to respect one another.

Namaste. Peace Out. Fight the Good Fight.