Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor (Wall St Journal) and others going way too easy on the President-Elect. We Dems are so considerate. We have to first fight for our Constitutional Rights in spite of his win. Popular vote is on this side.

More people who voted want to preserve our Constitutional rights We the People have fought many bloody wars over. I am deeply disappointed with what I’ve been reading coming from the Dems.

WE do NOT have to crawl on our bellies waving the white flag. This was a dirty campaign! Let’s stop normalizing what just went down. Stop normalizing what is going down now. White Supremacists anyone? Privatizing Medicare?

Sotomayor writes too poetically and legally. She, like HRC and just about every freakin’ Dem, need to talk like regular Americans. Lawyers don’t like to be very specific. Law is always changing. Open to interpretation, decisions, precedents, amendments, repeals … so lawyers deliberately keep things vague.

Dems, and especially women, and add Latina (or Black or Jewish) women, or in her case, a brassy Jew from New York (read the article) are PROS at coding our words. We often come down lightly in too many cases. Open to interpretation.

Yikes! Don’t make people work that hard to figure out what you said. It opens the door to blatant lies by politicians and newscasters on BOTH side obscure your meaning.

If Justice Sotomayor is calling for regular Americans like YOU and I and all over this great nation, then use Strong Calls to Action. Tell us specifically wassup.

Is the Dem leadership that removed from daily semantics amongst the populace? Sadly, yes. Wordy wordy wordy. The audience is not filled with intellectuals.Educated and uneducated. Simpler, better!

Less is More!

The article was so sweet and flowery. A bit more bite would help. Quite a bit more.

Hello! This is NOT the time to speak softly and carry a big stick. THEY have the stick, the media, the generations of people brought up on hate. We gotta be Paul Reveres. Shout it out and Stand up in no uncertain terms. As stated by some Democrats who realize the precarious situation the country and world is in with this new untested, wild card President-Elect.

ReadThe ‘Hell No’ Caucus: Some Democrats May Not Work With Donald Trump At All. On anything.” ~HuffingtonPost, November 18, 2017.

BUT Trump supporters DO deserve our support as we deserve theirs. Our battles are similar. WE so called ‘elites’ on the coasts are in pain too!

We live in economic uncertainty. You just don’t see it anywhere. Unless you get out and WALK, talk and LISTEN to people. We are hurting.

So let’s move this country together and forward and stop fighting each other. It’s the Powers That Be who pull our strings.

Talk about draining the swamp. The murkiest, dirtiest swamp creatures are being elevated to Lord over ALL of us. They are PROS. You thought the Dems were bad? GOP not making ya happy? Welcome to the Tea Partiers and White Supremacists. Whoopee.

We (and  many are not Dems) are gonna keep speaking Truth to Power! STOP being so mealy mouthed about it. The Dems are losing their base cos they feel like me.

We are fed up. We don’t want to fight with our fellow Americans! Media and Politicians stir up the pot while they rob us.

We who did not vote for Trump recognized the rise of fascism. THIS is how Hitler rose. As he rose up, some of the men around him decided to exterminate a whole race. Based on slogans and intentions Hitler wrote and said. SIMILAR to those from Trump and his new Admin, surrogates and others in his sphere.

Will it go this far? The Final Solution. Burn ’em up. Dunno. But it started with registries and tracking people. Putting tattoos on their arms to track them with good ol’ American TECH. Yep, we Yanks aka Americans provided the tech so the Germans could track people, homes, businesses, possessions. Jews. The other.

IBM computers. So Jews shouldn’t like computers. Except we do, cos it’s an invaluable tool.

Christians know and love tech too. That’s how they and White Supremacists came together and bullied the net. Ya love using tech to bully, spread lie (Dems did that too, but far less often), but ya don’t wanna learn how to use TECH to MAKE MONEY?

That is why we are angry and upset at you. You want what cannot be. We gotta make do with what we have! We can’t keep fighting with EACH other when neither ‘side’ caused this as much as media and powers that be, on BOTH sides.

But that hatred, fed with years of hate radio, then hate TV, not hate net, leads to hating the other. Even though those ‘others’ you hate might have made music, art, clothes, discovered medicine to save your life, things like that. Registries are the result of hate.

Registries lead to The Final Solution. Japanese Internment Camps. YOU are better than that. Christian, right? Let’s all work together as Jesus taught, right? If you don’t … 

THIS is how human, JOB, freedom and rights are taken away. The Rust Belt thinks the liberal elites have it easy. The Liberals and Dems cannot comprehend what the Red States are thinking.

Most on both sides Angry and Depressed about Jobs.

I taught people computer skills. Well, I gave it my best. Adults from all walks of live in LA HATED this new tech. But the wise ones gained new skills are and very employable (and employed, for themselves or others).

Some adapted. For many, very reluctantly. We’d love our old jobs back too. See, we are in agreement!

But it ain’t happening. You can wish it. The politicians and business owners (often one and the same) won’t do it.

Costs too much to move coal back here. They have machines to tear down mountains and suck water outta mountains so oil flushes up.

They don’t need you. It’s not the Democrats. It’s the bosses, folks.

Those Unions you all hate? Initially Unions were THE reason you could work in a factory and have a solid middle class life. But you hate Unions. So no one fights for you.

THIS is why Dems keep losing easy victories. Stop being so gentle when your audience needs loud stimuli and catch words.

Any marketing pro knows that.

**PLUS Dems, when ya gonna care and talk about all of us who are struggling?

I too agree there is definitely immigration issues. My ex-husband could not get basic jobs because he doesn’t speak Spanish. In my home town, Los Angeles. That’s happened ALL across the country.

I’ve seen immigrants, and I have no idea legal or illegal, get government assistance I could not get. Including entitled RICH Iranian and Russian legal immigrants. I taught them.

YOU Dems and Liberals and immigrants’ rights: how about helping citizens born here? I’m not proposing taking anything away from anyone else. I’m saying, charity begins at HOME. Although no one wants charity. They want the same assistance immigrants want. Count a LOT of ‘liberal’ blue state coastal ‘elites’ in this group. We just don’t have the balls to talk about it. Afraid of being called nasty names.

I am no longer afraid. Speaking Truth to Power. There’s White Flight in LA. Why can’t we have a multi-cultural city? Why are some groups entitled to MORE help than even US born citizens? Breaks my heart to write this, but the DEMS are behind this as much as GOP.

When you leave OUT people who were born and raised here, many several generations going back, and we see immigrants being treated better, you bet some are gonna be mad. I GET that.

How about the Asian tech workers who get GREAT home loans to buy their first home here? But Americans doing the same job don’t get those breaks. So this is NOT just about coal miners.

This is about college educated, hard working so-called Middle Class Americans being screwed out of their American Dream of a house. I saw and heard about this in 1980s. I had a SECRET clearance in a Defense Electronics plant. This is real shit, my friends and those who hate me.

Dems: SPEAK OUT for US and connect with THOSE who didn’t vote for you or not at all. CONNECT with the heart, with their/our pride, our need to work and be paid enough to live as people did in the 1950s. Economically. (Not suggesting any social, medical, political regression. JUST economically, during the boom years.)

Basic psych or marketing 101. Oy. Such clueless arrogance. When will the Dems learn?

To what avail when Dems soft-pedal everything? How do you excite the masses by treating them to a soothing lullaby at night?

Come out fighting for EVERYONE’s RIGHTS. Don’t bury it somewhere in her wordy wordy thing, Justice Sotomayor. Dems need to get to the chase. Strong Calls to Action. Speak PLAINLY. So we all understand better.

Keywords and Phrases, over and over again. Like the Donald. I mean, Mr Trump.

SMH. Fascinating to watch the start of the end … I hope it’s the start and not the middle. I don’t know. This wonderful experiment called Democracy.

The end of this once incredibly lush beautiful amazing planet. The jewel in our solar system. And we’re turning it in another Mars, Mercury?

I dunno comparable to which other planet. Uninhabitable by the creatures living here now. Wonder if that happened to the other planets? Oh my …

I realize the ultimate irony that I am wordy. I am covering a lot of terrain. I talked about things I’ve never made public.

I talked about both sides being right and the need for both side to come together. Against those in power who are screwing not only us, but everyone and every creature, and this Planet itself. A lot in a blog. But I am not a leading politician. I am expressing myself to help me heal and move forward.

WE deserve better. NO matter who You voted for or against. When more GET that, it’s harder to hate all the time. Believe me, I hate too. I just don’t want destruction nor total capitulation. Do take care all. Oy.