This is about peace and personal empowerment resulting from a shift or pivot regarding certain cultural restrictions. Words we use are powerful. We choose which words. They reflect and broadcast your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes on levels we are not aware. My late Mother drilled this into me. I work on it all the time.

Some background info: I posted an image and story about Michelle Obama. It mentioned other First Ladies with College Degrees. But it was confusing and inaccurate. My pals and I commented.

Jenny Lens to Leslie O’Leary: yeah, I read Nancy Raygun had a degree. Then became an actress. Between Nancy [and GW] and Laura Bush, shows ya anyone can be a college graduate, right!

Leslie O’Leary to Jenny Lens: Right? 😉 WE SO MEAN

Jenny Lens to Leslie O’Leary: Pls don’t equate the Truth with Meanness. It’s something society does ONLY to women to shut us up and shut us down. We are not mean. We are brave sjw: spiritual justice warriors. I love that phrase. That’s a good name for us! Speaking truth to power!

Leslie O’Leary to Jenny Lens: You’re right! I hadn’t thought of it like that. (Read about word choices)

What’s so mean about pointing out the fact that GW was DUMB? Everyone knows that. Even he graduated. Which was a HOT topic for MAJOR news reporters, not just lefties. I read that comment all the time: ‘Shrub,’ anyone? (Google it, Molly Ivins.)

Laura Bush didn’t seem to exhibit much personality. Being a librarian, she was into kid’s books. But Michelle Obama does far far more for her causes.

As for Nancy, well, look how many vain, vapid airheads the GOP trotted out on Faux Noise or right now, Kellyanne Cuntway.

Nancy is just another of those bubbleheads who made it through college.

So folks, earning a college degree is not proof of intelligence nor common sense. It’s also about how you USE that degree!

I use mine all the time! I gained a lot of skills in college, graduate school and post-graduate. I USE what I learned. My art. All the work I do. I trace it back to my education, all my life.

What did Nancy EVER do to prove she had a degree? Ever use it to HELP ppl? She sure didn’t act like Michelle Obama. She didn’t give a damn for anyone but her BFF socialites, astrologers, and china plates.

Nancy Raygun WAS MEAN. I am merely recalling history. It was in the papers ALL the time. I read them. Rayguns were evil incarnate.

I’m a proud defender of the truth. Doing GOOD for mankind.

PS I am very aware that I am broadcasting this to the world. That some potential and current clients, students, fans, others will be turned off by my political posts. To those, pls know I care about your well being. I’m a life-long political junkie. I read and watch from ALL over the dial.

Before condemning me, have you ever cared about MY feelings? MY thoughts? My reactions to what you write or believe?

I respect you for your beliefs. Now kindly respect me for mine. I want this to be a SAFE place to express a more PROGRESSIVE POV. I don’t mean ONLY Politically.

I mean progressive using tech, using online marketing, things like that. All around progressive. Healthier on all levels. Open to new ideas. If scared of change, go for it anyway. News Flash! Times they REALLY are a-changin’.

In ways Dylan and I could never foresee in the 60s. But wowsa, we’ve seen some changes. And more to come. Dive in, cos it’s a-comin’.

Strange times. Times to be honest. Not afraid of losing revenue from people who don’t like your beliefs. Cos I’ll attract those who aren’t turned off by it. Or not. I just gotta live my life honestly. As I always have. It’s in my DNA.