Collaboration with other Service, Agencies and Individuals

  • Research, reach out, compile and collaborate with sharing info and services when applicable.
  • First, document issues as people share them.
  • Another reason for robust, easy to use Database with reports and other features.
  • Post when information clear and with actions steps, video, images whenever possible.
Collaborate and share with those who are actively updating their sites! Not a good idea to work with people who haven’t touched their site or dealt with changing issue or people. Information changes. If others don’t have time, people power, resources, they can be asked to refer people to another appropriate site, such as AllTogether.LA. Here’s a brief example: Vision and eye issues:
  • What apps and services to help those with vision issues?
  • Supply with large, professional magnifying glasses.
  • How to help update glasses?
Convert text to speech for vision challenges:
  • Any app to use camera or iPad to photograph or scan tiny information on medicine bottles and/or inserts to then hear the words by changing text to speech?
  • Are product QR codes useful or helpful?
  • How to use product QR code? How to find find and install an app? Android? Mac?
  • How to find user information online for any medicine, prescription or over the counter?
  • How to permanently view text and images larger online? Using phone? iPad? Mac or PC (using Google Chrome)
  • How to change text to speech on all sites? Using phone? iPad? Mac or PC (using Google Chrome)
Action Steps:
  • Contact Braille Institute for their input. Ask them for suggestions whom else to ask.
  • Reach out and ask clients, interns and techies because someone might know or be able to find solutions.
  • Input into correct Database fields.