Video Audio How To Tutorials

Tutorials Designed for Seniors, Disabled and Technically Challenged Any Age

Have creative fun and deal better with daily challenges using your phone, tablet, laptop or computer, no matter experience or skills.

Using your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer can open a wide world of fun, community, creativity, learning and enjoyment.

Everyone struggles with tech until they find others to share their tips and tricks.

Join the fun and enter the wide world of digital tech tools and resources.

It’s easier than you think with caring guidance!

NO jerky little things called GIFs! No fast-moving, fast talking, once over lightly videos.

You’ll see short, detailed instructional videos with audio. [Plus provide screenshots and transcript (if the creator has that ability and tools). Many use for transcripts.]

How to Install and Use Google Chrome on an Android, iPhone, Mac or PC (difficult on Kindles).

  • We need something to help you find and see online info.
  • Chrome works better than any other search and/or browser software

Vision and Hearing Issues

  • How to permanently view text and images larger online. Using phone, iPad, Mac or PC (using Google Chrome)
  • How to change text to speech on all sites, Using phone, iPad, Mac or PC (using Google Chrome)

YouTube: let’s start with fun!

  • How to find movies, TV, documentaries, music, how to and more using YouTube.
  • Subscribing and bookmarking.

Searching Online

  • Using Google and Keywords Tips and Tricks
  • Google Bookmarks and Managing/Organizing Bookmarks to find info later again

Shopping Online

  • Compare prices, products, shipping


  • Navigating Amazon’s complex site
  • Creating Lists
  • Finding Products: how to determine if product is what you want and/or need
  • Read reviews, specs
  • Reaching out to store merchants and Amazon for info

Amazon Food

  • Problems and Gotchas

Amazon Books: free and low cost (like Hourly History, Kindle Unlimited)

  • Reading on your computer, phone, Kindle, etc

Libraries Online

  • Finding books, ebooks, magazines, movies and music
  • Putting holds on items
  • Creating lists for Later


  • Finding and using apps for drawing, painting, reading, etc

Social Media Intro and Overview

  • How Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest differ, what they offer, pros and cons
  • Focus on uplifting art, creativity and fun
  • (no discussion or info about anything political or religious)

Plus hobbies, scrapbooking, exercise, healthy eating, gardening, finding community and so much more!