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Mark Zuckerberg LYING: Facebook Fake News is a Real Problem for FB

“Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Finally Details Fake News Countermeasures. A week ago, Zuckerberg was dismissing the scourge of fake news on Facebook.” As a long-time FB user who has turned many onto FB in the early days, my days are now numbered at FB. It’s great for Business Groups. As for all this stuff he’s saying: Mark Zuckerberg IS LYING. I’d be hard pressed to agree with anything he said. It flies in the face of what I and many others saw. TONS of FAKE news spread like wildfire on FB trending. IT WAS MORE FAKE on one side than the other. Mark Zuckerberg might ‘studying’ this, but I was LIVING on FB. Mark Zuckerberg  is gonna get a lot of blowback from people who posted around the clock about the LIES from Trump side. I don’t care what he says. Mark Zuckerberg NEEDS to look at HIS own Trending pages. I was getting physically ill from the FALSE LYING posts Against Hillary and For Trump. Yes, I love being in diverse cultures. BUT TRENDING became decidedly pro-Tumpe with continual, outrageous, lurid LIES rapidly populated by his supporters. My heart sunk many times a day reading this stuff. I immediately Google’d it, found it to be false,. TOO LATE! HOW many people were reading Trending, then posting on THEIR walls, their sites? Mark Zuckerberg  you need to get out from your bubble. IF there’s ONE thing to be...

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Politics Historical and Hysterical

A friend thought I wasn’t well cos I couldn’t make an early class which I usually photograph. It’s a lot of work. Lately I rather walk, walk, walk. I’m getting really committed to losing weight again. I’m seeing results which only encourage me. So instead of standing relatively still taking photos, then sitting for hours dealing with them, to give away, is not the healthiest way for me to spend my time. I have ALL this incredible energy. Cos I want to create and also process WTF is going on in America. So I wrote her that “I might come by towards the end of yr class to take a few shots. I can’t get up that early; not part of my DNA.  I’m getting better. SO addicted to the news. This is so historical and hysterical. Ah-mazing. Well, this country has gone down this path before. Be interesting to see how we survive this. Who will we be. Just throwing off my life cos I can’t stop reading and commenting!   [She, like so many women, esp past 40, who HAVE seen so much, feel the same way. I’m sure many men. Hopefully more Millennials coming onboard to pay closer attention and get involved!) Fascinating. So I’m fine, just engrossed. I LOVE history and politics. We’ve been moving towards this time since 1968. Others would say the LBJ’s Voting...

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A Bit More Bite, Justice Sotomayor

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor (Wall St Journal) and others going way too easy on the President-Elect. We Dems are so considerate. We have to first fight for our Constitutional Rights in spite of his win. Popular vote is on this side. More people who voted want to preserve our Constitutional rights We the People have fought many bloody wars over. I am deeply disappointed with what I’ve been reading coming from the Dems. WE do NOT have to crawl on our bellies waving the white flag. This was a dirty campaign! Let’s stop normalizing what just went down. Stop normalizing what is going down now. White Supremacists anyone? Privatizing Medicare? Sotomayor writes too poetically and legally. She, like HRC and just about every freakin’ Dem, need to talk like regular Americans. Lawyers don’t like to be very specific. Law is always changing. Open to interpretation, decisions, precedents, amendments, repeals … so lawyers deliberately keep things vague. Dems, and especially women, and add Latina (or Black or Jewish) women, or in her case, a brassy Jew from New York (read the article) are PROS at coding our words. We often come down lightly in too many cases. Open to interpretation. Yikes! Don’t make people work that hard to figure out what you said. It opens the door to blatant lies by politicians and newscasters on BOTH side obscure your meaning. If Justice Sotomayor is...

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Good Girls Revolt is Revolting: Not in a Good Way

Good Girls Revolt is revolting. Not in a good way. It has its moments. Women are sexually assaulted. One time a man shows his penis and balls. Another comes onto his researcher in a threatening way. Offers her chocolate. What is she to do? And for women like she, it’s been part of American life for which she has no voice. No rights. Not yet. For all the women, but especially her. Most of the men are hitting on women. The men don’t think anything of it. The women are shocked. Ok, that’s a slice of reality. Shall I count the couplings? One HUGE premise of the show and lawsuit: the women must have NO personal relationships with the men they work with. One is sleeping with TWO men. The other is married. Plus there’s other couplings offscreen but in the office. Plus I can’t remember cos really, it’s a bit of a blur. IF the show spent MORE time on the women, and less FANTASY stories (not based on reality, as they say as end of each show), it would be more compelling. Do we REALLY need to see nude ppl coupling when ya can see that anywhere anytime online or TV or movies? We REALLY DO need to see MORE about the women and their struggles. We see that with the main three, plus a top secretary,...

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Are Women Mean for Telling the Truth About Other Women? Part 1

This is about peace and personal empowerment resulting from a shift or pivot regarding certain cultural restrictions. Words we use are powerful. We choose which words. They reflect and broadcast your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes on levels we are not aware. My late Mother drilled this into me. I work on it all the time. Some background info: I posted an image and story about Michelle Obama. It mentioned other First Ladies with College Degrees. But it was confusing and inaccurate. My pals and I commented. Jenny Lens to Leslie O’Leary: yeah, I read Nancy Raygun had a degree. Then became an actress. Between Nancy [and GW] and Laura Bush, shows ya anyone can be a college graduate, right! Leslie O’Leary to Jenny Lens: Right? 😉 WE SO MEAN Jenny Lens to Leslie O’Leary: Pls don’t equate the Truth with Meanness. It’s something society does ONLY to women to shut us up and shut us down. We are not mean. We are brave sjw: spiritual justice warriors. I love that phrase. That’s a good name for us! Speaking truth to power! Leslie O’Leary to Jenny Lens: You’re right! I hadn’t thought of it like that. (Read about word choices) What’s so mean about pointing out the fact that GW was DUMB? Everyone knows that. Even he graduated. Which was a HOT topic for MAJOR news reporters, not just lefties....

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