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What We SAY is As Vital as HOW We Say It, Part 1

WHAT we SAY and THINK is actually as vital as HOW we say it. Too often, we value substance over style. People are too quick to call women mean or catty. IN reality, we often are speaking Truth to Power. Moving on, sometimes women and men casually say or write something which has an element of negativity. The truth is suppressed when we pass automatic, thoughtless judgement on ourselves or others. “I really want to do this, but I won’t make any money.” That’s limiting. These days, if you work it right, you just might make some money. So pivot and say: “I really want to do this, not sure how much I’ll make.” Someone said, “I love doing this, but I don’t make any money.” I was stunned. I ran some social media ideas by her. She was stunned. She has NO concept and worse, no curiosity nor open mind of using tech at all. Shame, cos she teaches and is a swell person. Lots to share. IF she were willing to get more comfy with tech, she’d do great! But … anyway … Keep the door open to making money. So many ways to monetize these days. Like using tech. Yeah. Who knows how much money you will make? Who knows how many people will see your work, virally share or whatever! I say this cos I’ve seen people do...

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From First Ladies to How Women Think At Times

From First Ladies to Speaking Truth to Power. This post led to the topic of: what’s catty? First, let’s celebrate First Ladies with college degrees. Michelle Obama appears to be the second First Lady with two degrees: Princeton and Harvard Law, both Ivy League. Hillary Clinton: Wellesley and Yale Law. Four Ivy League universities. Woot! Other First Ladies earned degrees: Pat Nixon, Nancy Raygun, Laura Bush. Rosalyn Carter and Betty Ford. I read Nancy Raygun had a degree. Then became an actress. Between Nancy [and GW] and Laura Bush, shows ya anyone can be a college graduate, right! Leslie: WE SO MEAN. Jenny: Please don’t equate the Truth with Meanness. It’s something society does ONLY to women to shut us up and shut us down. We are not mean. We are brave sjw: spiritual justice warriors. I love that phrase. That’s a good name for us! Speaking truth to power! Leslie: You’re right! I hadn’t thought of it like that. Jenny: I drove my room-mate so nuts with paying attention to words that I can never talk to her about the topic again. But my late mother taught me. It’s very important to think about the words we tell others. They reflect us. And what society has told us to feel, think and be. What’s so mean about pointing out the fact that GW was DUMB? Everyone knows that. Even...

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Princess Kate: Caring About Fab Fashions Is Empowering

“Why focus on her looks when her deeds are probably a better example for young women to be aware of? Other headlines on HuffPo today are very critical of “lookism”. Seems like HP is still feeding the stereotype.” A List Of Reasons This Is The Duchess Of Cambridge’s Best Look Yet. My response: One of the percs and/or duties is dressing newsworthy but appropriately to keep the Royal Family in the news. Prince William and his wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, support a TON of charitable organizations. Their appearances help good causes. They are expected to be appropriately dressed ROLE Models for others. This couple are exceptionally giving and graceful. AND Princess Kate gives a TON of good PR to British designers (like William’s mother, Princess Diana). She also wears affordable clothes and accessories and looks for many to emulate or be inspired by. Even her royal children’s clothes are NOT expensive for other upper middle class families. Or ideas for people with less money, but doable looks. They are lovely, gracious people who INSPIRE others. We also need fairy tales. It’s lovely to watch this family grow. Stylishly. Sit back and smile. If you don’t GET that, well, them’s the facts of life. PS I’m a LA Woman. Not the biggest fan of British monarchy. Hardly a fan at all. But those closest in line to the throne do provide a...

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Concussion: Memorable, Vital Film

“Will Smith Disappointed ‘Concussion’ Didn’t Have More Impact On NFL.” I loved the movie. I don’t understand a comment ‘the movie had no balls.’ It’s a difficult topic. Can’t hit football fans over the head with the truth. Showing former NFL players losing their minds and their lives was very very powerful. People simply have to watch their football. Willing to take the chance it won’t happen to them. Or medicine will discover a cure. I loved this film. But I LOVE medical films based on TRUTH. It also dealt with discrimination because he was seen not a medical pro in this arena. Looking at dead bodies is not the same as figuring out brain function and damage. Then having the nerve to connect it all together. Discovering the cause of a troubling, but little understood brain disorder. How dare he! The field of medicine is very very closed and structured. But he got through. “Attention was paid.” Plus, he was an immigrant. From Africa. Hello, ya know, some people are racist: anti-black and anti-immigrants. But he persevered. I read his wife said the movie was soft on that part. She’s very hurt by the way they were treated, esp him. Financially and otherwise. But he dug his heels in. And now, thanks to his COURAGE, we have proven something a few astute people assumed for a long time. Ya just can’t keep...

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Racists and GOP Keeping USA NOT Great!

MOST brilliant thing I’ve seen online yet. Scroll to the bottom and read what many of us are feeling. WE should be outraged at what the GOP has done to everyone. WE are the ones making America great. HAS everything to do with race. It’s no coincidence with what GOP has been saying and implementing. Since 1968. Craig Turner: Hey Conservatives! You speak fondly of a time before Obama when in the months before Obama we were Shedding 800,000 jobs a month Watching the auto industry collapse, threatening another 1.2 million direct and peripheral jobs Fighting 2 wars on a Chinese credit card with no end in sight Seeing millions of Americans lose their homes in an unprecedented mortgage meltdown Watching our life savings go down in flames with the stock market Bailing out Wall Street criminals to the tune of $700 billion And feeling the heat of a world economy that contracted by an incredible $70 trillion in just 6 years. Then Obama took office, and since that time you’ve been pissing in our ears about: Birth certificates Jadehelm exercises FEMA concentration camps Obama care micro chip implants Gun confiscations Muslim Brotherhood associations Phantom stand down orders Sharia Law And $10 per gallon gasoline. Everything you predicted turned out to be total bull$hit. Now you have the audacity to act as if YOU’RE the one who has a...

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