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Seattle Mariners DO the RIGHT Thing!

We are Witnessing America’s Second Civil War. We never had closure form the first one. We Americans institutionalized racism. Then when black, brown, Muslims, Jews say or do anything, then you say WE are the cause of all problems. If you aren’t concerned, you have your heads in the sand. We’re at the tipping point. No matter who wins Nov 8. VOTE BLUE. “Um. It’s not free speech if you are a public figure representing a private company. So…. this is stupid. You have to be aware of the fact that your employer (no matter how public, large, or important) can make public relations decisions on how they want you to conduct yourself in the public space; and reprimand you for it, while remaining entirely within your rights. Public speech while you are representing a private entity and Free Speech are NOT the same thing. It’s dis-ingenuous and misleading to suggest otherwise.” ~Jackson Owens shared American Militia’s post. Plus MANY white as well as black folks are disgusted with these PR apologies. The dif bet this dude and the NFL protests? Well, one was started by a BLACK man due to the higher percentage of cops killing unarmed BLACK folks. We are SICK of it! Rubbing salt in the wound, then we get these lame ass ‘apologies’ and their supporters. Others ARE INCITING RIOTS. Telling people to “run them down” oh he meant...

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Kentucky Gov LIED and MISQUOTED Jefferson (again)

Dickward KY Gov should resign. I HATE it when people misquote our Founding Fathers, while pounding their chests they are king of the jungle. Deliberately misquoted Thomas Jefferson (the dude who wrote the Declaration of US Independence from Mad King George). The cool Thomas Jefferson Hour on Facebook alerted wise readers. Matt Bevin’s Apocalyptic Warnings of Bloodshed. The Kentucky governor suggested that if the Democrat wins this year’s presidential election, armed insurrection might be necessary to protect the United States. Kentucky governor: Electing Hillary Clinton may eventually lead to violence “I want us to be able to fight ideologically, mentally, spiritually, economically, so that we don’t have to do it physically,” Bevin said Saturday. “But that may, in fact, be the case.” NOW who is advocating VIOLENCE? GOP. Ya don’t hear nor read about Hillary telling her supporters to use the Second Amendment. When ya are in Government (or not), it’s a SIN to LIE about our laws and our Founding Fathers. You self-righteous Christians, passing judgment on US, LYING and twisting the words of Jefferson and other TRUE Patriots, will have a lot to answer for on Judgement Day. Read and share! Thanks. UPDATE: Politicians and average GOP voter won’t begin to understand how and why Jefferson meant something totes dif than asswipe KY Gov is spouting. Scary shit. This jerk is making sense. Other than he’s advocating violence, not the progressive libs....

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When Social Media Censors Historical Photos: Are We Doomed?

We are giving up freedoms to use social media. WHY did it take TWO weeks to realize THIS is one of THE most iconic photos EVER in the history of our world, of photography, of news and of course, wars. Yet Facebook even took this image down from Norway’s Prime Minister’s post! Does that send warnings to ya? I’ve often thought about what this man wrote: “In 10 years we will come to realize that social media has been the single most influential factor in the loss of free speech and the imposition of a thought police everywhere. Our...

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Thanksgiving Prayer 2015: A Punk for Peace

Thanksgiving prayer: That each of us TRULY give Thanks, often, every day, for our lives. Using Facebook, I report on shit happening so we DO something. Even if only pray and spread the word. We humans CAN and MUST do better! No matter GOP, Dem, Green, Indie, Libertarian, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist, Agnostic, Metaphysical, Spiritual: we ALL bleed red. We are the SAME on cellular levels. The SAME as Mother Earth. You know those minerals in food? They are in stones, lava, water, air, the WORLD around us. If we don’t start to take better care of EACH other and STOP BLAMING OTHERS, your religion or politics or nationality or every your wealth is NOT gonna save you and your loved ones from the escalating VIOLENCE in so-called “civilized” countries. US Police are PARAMILITARY. They have the tools, the arms, the tanks, the political power. I bet a lot of pro-gun folks would agree with ME: Cops are outta control. I’m as concerned about our police forces as I am about pro-gun folks. At least I don’t think gun fanatics (who insist no background checks to at least make it a tiny bit harder for nutcases to arm themselves) don’t have tanks to roll into town, like Ferguson. Or Chicago. Gezzus WTF. A DEMOCRATIC Mayor and he’s as corrupt as during Capone’s era. Jewish tool. Rahm Emanuel brings shame...

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Welcome to Jenny Lens Photos and Stories. “Please investigate Punk Pioneers by photographer Jenny Lens, who captured the scene so perfectly.” Henry Rollins, LA Weekly. The most published early West Coast punk rock photographer, 1976-1980. BUY photos. Images larger than seen here: 170 punk and other rock photos at my store. You can change store layout on bottom left. Looks GREAT on phones and tablets. A lotta time, energy, sweat, focus and all that jazz. ALL for YOUR enjoyment. Periodically I’ll add more photos. PLS SHARE about my online store. Help spread the word!...

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