Will Smith Disappointed ‘Concussion’ Didn’t Have More Impact On NFL.”

I loved the movie. I don’t understand a comment ‘the movie had no balls.’ It’s a difficult topic. Can’t hit football fans over the head with the truth. Showing former NFL players losing their minds and their lives was very very powerful.

People simply have to watch their football. Willing to take the chance it won’t happen to them. Or medicine will discover a cure.

I loved this film. But I LOVE medical films based on TRUTH. It also dealt with discrimination because he was seen not a medical pro in this arena. Looking at dead bodies is not the same as figuring out brain function and damage. Then having the nerve to connect it all together. Discovering the cause of a troubling, but little understood brain disorder. How dare he!

The field of medicine is very very closed and structured.

But he got through. “Attention was paid.”

Plus, he was an immigrant. From Africa. Hello, ya know, some people are racist: anti-black and anti-immigrants. But he persevered. I read his wife said the movie was soft on that part. She’s very hurt by the way they were treated, esp him. Financially and otherwise.

But he dug his heels in. And now, thanks to his COURAGE, we have proven something a few astute people assumed for a long time.

Ya just can’t keep banging yr heads against hard surfaces! Ya brain is gonna be forever damaged! Oy.

Beautiful film set in a time when movie promos are all about the loudest, craziest, wildest, silliest films. Sometimes a good film slips through.

BUT Dear Will Smith: you came after an American Sacred Cow. Don’t take it personally. It’s a hard habit to give up.

Better to be like I, never developed the habit for it. Cos I really didn’t ever want to see bodies piling up on each other. In the name of sport. Not for me! Not for I! Whatev. Not my thang. SMH.