Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Finally Details Fake News Countermeasures. A week ago, Zuckerberg was dismissing the scourge of fake news on Facebook.”

As a long-time FB user who has turned many onto FB in the early days, my days are now numbered at FB. It’s great for Business Groups. As for all this stuff he’s saying: Mark Zuckerberg IS LYING. I’d be hard pressed to agree with anything he said. It flies in the face of what I and many others saw.

TONS of FAKE news spread like wildfire on FB trending. IT WAS MORE FAKE on one side than the other. Mark Zuckerberg might ‘studying’ this, but I was LIVING on FB. Mark Zuckerberg  is gonna get a lot of blowback from people who posted around the clock about the LIES from Trump side.

I don’t care what he says. Mark Zuckerberg NEEDS to look at HIS own Trending pages. I was getting physically ill from the FALSE LYING posts Against Hillary and For Trump.

Yes, I love being in diverse cultures. BUT TRENDING became decidedly pro-Tumpe with continual, outrageous, lurid LIES rapidly populated by his supporters.

My heart sunk many times a day reading this stuff. I immediately Google’d it, found it to be false,. TOO LATE!

HOW many people were reading Trending, then posting on THEIR walls, their sites?

Mark Zuckerberg  you need to get out from your bubble. IF there’s ONE thing to be learned from THIS election, USA is full of insular bubbles within our culture. GOP vs Tea Partiers, Red vs Blue of Rust Belt and Hillbillies vs so-called coast ‘elites.’

In addition to being highly insulated, relying way too much on math, computers, systems (which he repeatedly brags about. Most worrisome, Mark Zuckerberg IGNORED HIS OWN STAFF.

HIS STAFF saw this. Who is he kidding? Maybe the average FB member will gloss over this. But there are very articulate, intelligent people on FB. Techies, lawyers, creatives, activists and others who are very alarmed at how FB didn’t deal with the virulent FB fake political news. THIS gave HUGE rise to Alt-Right. 

Mark Zuckerberg: think Alt-Right small on FB? Think again. How does THAT make you feel? Like YOU had nothing to do with it? You are a Shander – a public shame or sin – “a shander fur der goyim” a “shame before the gentiles” a disgrace for the whole “Jewish” community. White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis. Yeah, it’s just a small thing on Facebook. NOT.

I hope MORE of the Media, his staff (past and present), and every day people and those using tech in all kinds of ways realize this affects ALL of us, no matter left, right, center, whatever. We ALL have something to lose when powers are allowed to lie and get the masses angered, attacking each other, etc.

That’s NOT going to bring back jobs and restore prosperity! Working together to create a government working for ALL of us is way better, right? 

We can’t get there with lies. 

EVERYONE who takes photos with a phone is now a digital photographer. Is this how we want tech used? For lies, attacks, bullying online, in social media arenas? No matter what side (remember, I am not a fan of the Democrats, nope, haven’t been for years, I wrote about that earlier).

We ALL have equal need holding Mark Zuckerberg s Feet to the Fire!


NO way to EVER effectively report LIES and DEFAMATION. I’ve been defamed, bullied and attacked on FB. I reported a few, I blocked them all and gotten ill over it (emotionally and physically).

Although I understand they say you can’t share info with me, HOW DO I PROVE Defamation if I can’t even present a case? I earned an ABA Paralegal Cert from UCLA. I know how to provide evidence. BUT I am excluded from this process. Mark Zuckerberg can talk all he wants about ‘systems,’ but they are not providing a safe environment. Unless you only talk about business, art, music, fashion, food. Anything but politics or religion. Some of us like and need to talk about politics or religion within the social media online world. But without being attacked, threatened, or bullies.

What is Facebook going to do about that? IF they want it to grow, and they do, do they care? Or too busy signing up people in other countries? Why should they care about Americans? We are so picky. Let’s get members elsewhere.

I am grateful to FB. IF I didn’t care so much, I would not spend this much time and energy examining this issue. It bothers a lot of us, despite what the ‘systems’ indicate.

I’ve met and re-connected with wonderful people from all over the world. I’ve learned that my early punk photos are very beloved, and so am I. I’ve met many fine people. Been entertained.


I also live on HuffingtonPost. I’ve been a news junkie since I could hold Newsweek in my tiny hands. That was MANY moons ago. I just found out a dear pal passed. I glimpsed a rare posting of long time pal. Phast Phreddie Patterson. He posted a mutual pal of ours passed. I gasped. That was personal.

Don Waller #DonWaller was a Grammy-nominated writer who wrote the best book on Motown, according to a lot of high end music professionals. A white dude from LA’s South Bay, with a ‘tude of Brando, McQueen and DeNiro, a heart of gold and mind that wouldn’t stop (and great cheekbones with a brooding manner).

People raved about his deep encyclopedic knowledge and love of music. Those two men were involved in my first published photos. They and others published an early, highly influential and totally cherished greatest rock fanzine ever, Back Door Man.

More than that, we were real life friends, keeping in touch on Facebook.

That was not in mainstream news. That news was on Facebook and other sites.

Yes, Mark Z, we get our news on FB. Not just personal, but people DO talk about Politics.

Do not do this to YOUR base. Don’t treat us like we are gullible children. The people who were MOST upset were the HIGHLY Educated, or Creative (actors, artists, musicians, producers, visual artists, etc) or Techies, etc. Your members with FAMOUS names. You might not know them, but many do.

Now, Mark Zuckerberg, go in the corner, think this over, then talk to us as Reasonable ADULTS who Spoke Truth to Power. Which includes some of YOUR staff. They, like we, only have YOUR future in mind. Don’t send us away and make your stockholders mad and sad.

DEAL. This is way outta control. DO NOT contradict those of us who can go back to bookmarks or remember stories or YOUR systems should be able to pull up MANY stories destroying NOT only Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but those of us who believe in a more loving, inclusive world.

You are making a bad situation worse. Work with us. Or lose people. It’s already happening. Want Facebook to become alt-right mostly? Then make it safer and way MORE HONEST.

LISTEN TO YOUR PEOPLE and YOUR MEMBERS. For your benefit, Mark Zuckerbeg.