Ever see “Casablanca”? When the Nazis enter Sam’s place (Bogie’s joint), the French defiantly stand up and sing the French song of liberty,  Le Marseillaise, their National Anthem.

They let the Nazis know these freedom loving French were NOT going to roll over, play dead, and shut up.

THIS is THE American way! THIS movie became a classic for many reasons.

For me, it’s always this scene. YET NOW WE ARE VILIFIED FOR STANDING UP and letting oppressors know we are not gonna stay silent.

Press ATTACKING Maxine Waters! How crazy is that?

With mostly white, with one notable man of color, Dooley Wilson. He famously sang “You Must Remember This, A Kiss is Still a Kiss.” I mention color because of TheRoot.com article: Trump and Friends Come for Maxine Waters, a Black Woman Who Doesn’t Give a Damn About Your Calls for Civility

Although TheRoot.com IS a GREAT site. Sadly, their hatred of ALL whites only makes things worse. I keep commenting. Not sure if they approve anything I say. I only support what they are saying.

This 67 yr old LA Jewish white woman has long admired Maxine Waters. She speaks for MANY of us, no matter our color, gender, religion, nationality, etc. MSM, like WaPo and NYTimes, chastising those who yelled at Nielsen, Miller and Sanders, are being told NO by many comments.

Maxine Waters @ Keep Families Together: Protest Rally and Toy Drive

“WE WILL get out and surround them.”WE are disgusted by GOP, continually dividing people so we don’t go after them, the 1% and yes, Dems. Oh yes, Dems. Pls know many whites support Waters. This is not the kind of America we want either.

Trump warns congresswoman: ‘Be careful’

#StandUpToTrump #NeverSTFU #SpeakUpNeverShutUP #MaxineWatersHeroine