A friend thought I wasn’t well cos I couldn’t make an early class which I usually photograph. It’s a lot of work. Lately I rather walk, walk, walk. I’m getting really committed to losing weight again. I’m seeing results which only encourage me. So instead of standing relatively still taking photos, then sitting for hours dealing with them, to give away, is not the healthiest way for me to spend my time. I have ALL this incredible energy. Cos I want to create and also process WTF is going on in America.

So I wrote her that “I might come by towards the end of yr class to take a few shots. I can’t get up that early; not part of my DNA. 

I’m getting better. SO addicted to the news. This is so historical and hysterical. Ah-mazing. Well, this country has gone down this path before. Be interesting to see how we survive this. Who will we be. Just throwing off my life cos I can’t stop reading and commenting!  

[She, like so many women, esp past 40, who HAVE seen so much, feel the same way. I’m sure many men. Hopefully more Millennials coming onboard to pay closer attention and get involved!)

Fascinating. So I’m fine, just engrossed. I LOVE history and politics. We’ve been moving towards this time since 1968. Others would say the LBJ’s Voting Rights Act of 1965. I remember that time very well!

I just found some National Geographic mags on in a briefcase, with other discards on the street. The first page I opened was to LBJ! It is a series. It covered from FDR to the then current POTUS, LBJ. OMG. How cool is that!

I’m about to look thru a big stack with some from 1959-69, some 1980, cut out what I want, then deposit at the school on my way to Park.

People drop off books, mags, CDs, DVDs for schools. I love that it’s so close by. I love passing written media onto others to discover, enjoy, imagine, make, ruminate, dream.

My Friday night. I found the National Geographics because I just needed/wanted to walk. Walking is an easy way to change the energy in your life.

Get up and move. Go outside and think. Take hand-weights if you want. Walk quickly. Keep moving. That led me to these FAB stories, photos and historical drawings and images from the great National Geographic files. How cool is that!

Helps to balance the craziness surrounding us. Let’s work together, be more patient, and stand up for your beliefs.. Leading Dems have left many behind. Start talking to us, whether we voted, voted for you or not. Don’t talk above or down to us. Starting with Sonia Sotomayor.

Let’s get together, We the People.