“Why focus on her looks when her deeds are probably a better example for young women to be aware of? Other headlines on HuffPo today are very critical of “lookism”. Seems like HP is still feeding the stereotype.” A List Of Reasons This Is The Duchess Of Cambridge’s Best Look Yet.

My response:

One of the percs and/or duties is dressing newsworthy but appropriately to keep the Royal Family in the news. Prince William and his wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, support a TON of charitable organizations. Their appearances help good causes.

They are expected to be appropriately dressed ROLE Models for others. This couple are exceptionally giving and graceful. AND Princess Kate gives a TON of good PR to British designers (like William’s mother, Princess Diana).

She also wears affordable clothes and accessories and looks for many to emulate or be inspired by. Even her royal children’s clothes are NOT expensive for other upper middle class families. Or ideas for people with less money, but doable looks.

They are lovely, gracious people who INSPIRE others. We also need fairy tales. It’s lovely to watch this family grow. Stylishly. Sit back and smile.

If you don’t GET that, well, them’s the facts of life.

PS I’m a LA Woman. Not the biggest fan of British monarchy. Hardly a fan at all. But those closest in line to the throne do provide a service and income for many British subjects and others. Just saying … chill!