MOST brilliant thing I’ve seen online yet. Scroll to the bottom and read what many of us are feeling. WE should be outraged at what the GOP has done to everyone. WE are the ones making America great.

HAS everything to do with race. It’s no coincidence with what GOP has been saying and implementing. Since 1968.

Craig Turner: Hey Conservatives!

You speak fondly of a time before Obama when in the months before Obama we were

  • Shedding 800,000 jobs a month
  • Watching the auto industry collapse, threatening another 1.2 million direct and peripheral jobs
  • Fighting 2 wars on a Chinese credit card with no end in sight
  • Seeing millions of Americans lose their homes in an unprecedented mortgage meltdown
  • Watching our life savings go down in flames with the stock market
  • Bailing out Wall Street criminals to the tune of $700 billion
  • And feeling the heat of a world economy that contracted by an incredible $70 trillion in just 6 years.

Then Obama took office, and since that time you’ve been pissing in our ears about:

  • Birth certificates
  • Jadehelm exercises
  • FEMA concentration camps
  • Obama care micro chip implants
  • Gun confiscations
  • Muslim Brotherhood associations
  • Phantom stand down orders
  • Sharia Law
  • And $10 per gallon gasoline.

Everything you predicted turned out to be total bull$hit.

Now you have the audacity to act as if YOU’RE the one who has a right to be outrage?

Or that YOU’RE the one who wants to “Make America great again”?

We got news for you…. We already made America great again!

We made America great again while you were hurling racist insults and feigning righteous indignation over bs conspiracy theories and things that you never gave a $hit about until the race of the President changed.

We made America great again while you, in your racist ire, were following behind a race baiting, xenophobic, loud mouth D*ck, who doesn’t even attempt to disguise the fact that racism and ignorance is at the heart of his success.

So until Election Day, stop trying to sell the notion that your political masturbation over the nomination of Donald Trump has to do with anything other than race.

Craig Turner, Facebook comment, September 27, 2016.

Hey, Conservatives: WE Made America Great Again while GOP Racists blocked progress

Hey, Conservatives: WE Made America Great Again while GOP Racists blocked progress