We are Witnessing America’s Second Civil War. We never had closure form the first one. We Americans institutionalized racism. Then when black, brown, Muslims, Jews say or do anything, then you say WE are the cause of all problems.

If you aren’t concerned, you have your heads in the sand.

We’re at the tipping point. No matter who wins Nov 8. VOTE BLUE.

“Um. It’s not free speech if you are a public figure representing a private company. So…. this is stupid. You have to be aware of the fact that your employer (no matter how public, large, or important) can make public relations decisions on how they want you to conduct yourself in the public space; and reprimand you for it, while remaining entirely within your rights. Public speech while you are representing a private entity and Free Speech are NOT the same thing. It’s dis-ingenuous and misleading to suggest otherwise.” ~Jackson Owens shared American Militia’s post.

Plus MANY white as well as black folks are disgusted with these PR apologies. The dif bet this dude and the NFL protests?

Well, one was started by a BLACK man due to the higher percentage of cops killing unarmed BLACK folks.

We are SICK of it! Rubbing salt in the wound, then we get these lame ass ‘apologies’ and their supporters.

Others ARE INCITING RIOTS. Telling people to “run them down” oh he meant “keep driving” through LEGAL protest. U of TN Law Prof Glenn Reynolds. 

(How is ‘keep driving’ less violent and threatening than ‘run them down? Racists sure have strange ways of rationalizing their indefensible words, deeds and actions. Oy.)

NOW we hear from a baseball player. Calling for ILLEGALLY locking up people. On what grounds, Stevie?

Everyone should be locked behind bars like animals!THAT goes beyond free speech. Clearly hateful racist comments as defined by US law.

Steve Clevenger is was one of the team’s faces. Seattle Mariners, as a company, have EVERY RIGHT to suppress his HATEFUL comments. Calling Blacks “animals” and claims he’s not a racist.

Honey, I’m a 66 yr old liberal white college-educated Jewish gal. You ain’t pulling the wool over anyone. Black = animals. Come on, ya gotta live under a rock not to know that.

Whatta fucking dickhead.

Mariners suspend Steve Clevenger without pay for remainder of the season. Clevenger tweeted “BLM (Black Lives Matter) is pathetic again! Obama you are pathetic once again! Everyone should be locked behind bars like animals!”

Yeah, calling one of the most beloved Presidents “pathetic.” Gee, what do you suppose that means? FUCKING RACIST terminology.

THANK you Seattle Mariners for Doing the Right Thing!

Yeah, maybe change CAN come from Sports. What’s more masculine or American than Sports? Then let’s ramp this up.

Don’t be fucktard and diss this action, the owners or whomever.

This kind of HATEFUL speech is NOT tolerated anymore! WE are TIRED of People treating people badly for no reason other than their skin color, nationality, ethnicity, gender, religious or political beliefs.

AS GUARANTEED in Our US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Ever read them?

I studied LAW, did you?? (ABA Paralegal Certificate, UCLA, Earned A. Plus Legal Secretaries Cert, UCLA, A).

We talked about how and why laws are made. And how government is designed to work. Due process and legal procedures.

So all you yapping about his 1st Rights, forget it! He was working FOR A COMPANY who rightfully found his words extremely racist, demeaning, hurtful, bullying, and more.

IF you still don’t ‘GET’ this, study law. Like in LA or NYC. Not that Liberty U or whatev.

Score One for inching towards Progress and Equality. Then let’s yap at the 1%, not the black folks standing up for their human rights. Lots of white folks agree 100%.

These comments never lead to anything good. So kindly STFU. Stop talking about black folks if you are white and only listen to Faux Noise and GOP. Cos the times they are-a changing.

The world is no longer mostly white. (Oh, I think that’s true for many eons).

BUT NOW the USA is no longer mostly white. Get with the program. Move on. Or just STFU. WE are NO longer afraid to speak out, on the streets, online and with our wallets.

WE are fucking tired of reading and seeing black folks being murdered on our streets by some rogue cops.

I love my City cops. They’ve helped with a variety of issues re code-breaking neighbors (mostly owners/managers), causing problems for several neighboring apt bldgs.

Since when is it ok to send ARMY tanks and over-the-top arms to poverty-stricken Ferguson? Geez, wake up. Support decisions like this: to remind people they have the LEGAL right to protest. AND blacks are systematically disenfranchised (look up the origin of that word, has to do with NO voting rights) and thrown every disadvantage known to Americans.

Yeah, we whiteys have our issues. But blacks got it worse. Cos of the racial hate! You all should be ashamed treating others as you do. Doesn’t that mock what your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ taught? What the holy crap??

Just block the Trolls and delete their clueless racist comments. WE GOTTA USE OUR VOICES!! Online and IRL.

Later. Love you all. <3 Somethin’ to think about…

“[Steve Clevenger] said that he was, “sickened by the idea that anyone would think of me in racist terms.” [oh pul-ese, you compared Black protestors to ‘animals.’ Ya think that’s not racist?? Oy.]

“He was able to slam, President Obama, Black Lives Matter, and those protesters with just a couple of tweets! I commend the Mariners for their swift action and deciding to not pay him! These “speak what’s in my heart” moments followed by weak and politically correct apologies are getting old! Listen, he has every right to speak what he truly feels, and that’s ok with me because those Africans in America that work with you now know who they are dealing with on a daily basis. So either this guy is going to do some serious soul searching in regards to who he is as an individual or he’ll take this financial hit to his bank account to a new level of racism towards blacks in general as if it’s OUR fault that you just managed to throw away over $400k with just a couple of tweets!” ~Anthony Wayne Taylor, FB.

Let people know this racism is no longer tolerated. WE ARE ALL EQUAL. But some are not treated equally. If you don’t walk the walk, kindly just STFU!. hank you.

Or we are gonna keep reminding and educating those with big hearts, American history, from the start to now, is extremely bigoted. But go ahead, keep fighting and clinging onto your hateful beliefs. There are more of us than you.

Love Trumps Hate. Closure. I pray.