We are giving up freedoms to use social media. WHY did it take TWO weeks to realize THIS is one of THE most iconic photos EVER in the history of our world, of photography, of news and of course, wars. Yet Facebook even took this image down from Norway’s Prime Minister’s post!

Does that send warnings to ya? I’ve often thought about what this man wrote:

“In 10 years we will come to realize that social media has been the single most influential factor in the loss of free speech and the imposition of a thought police everywhere. Our technology will enslave us but as long as we are entertained, it will only matter to a few.” ~Martin Perry · Adjunct Professor at St. John’s University.

It Took Facebook 2 Weeks To Figure Out The Difference Between War Photography And Kiddie Porn. The company reversed its decision to censor an iconic photo from the Vietnam War, but the damage was already done.

5 Michelle Salvail de Tremont, A Michelle Page and 3 others

Elliot Katz: Sometime last year I saw a documentary about that picture. They were actually interviewing the woman who is the little naked girl in the picture. I was so teary eyed.

Jenny Lens: Hi Elliot Katz: yes, the article mentioned the woman. I can’t even write this. I remember it well. Those who don’t learn from history are DOOMED to repeat it. WE ARE ALL DOOMED. My gawd, really! Two freakin’ weeks. Removing from a Prime Minister’s page? THIS is why some of us HATE WAR.

Jenny Lens: :'( :'( :'(

Antonia Fuentes: Yes, what it says to me is that our right to free speech is being dictated by a bunch of snot balls in silicone valley who have their collective heads so far up their posteriors that one would need a crowbar to take it out! Just saying…..

Jenny Lens Antonia Fuentes: YOU win the internet today. Just saying …

Antonia Fuentes: Thank you Jenny Lens we’ll see how long the comment stays up there before the FB thought police take it down!
Michael Whittaker: “Free” has never been free.

Jenny Lens: So true. We are born indebted to the banks. And big corps and govt. Michael Whittaker: we spend our life trying to be free, but it’s ALL an illusion. I sure am seeing that dealing w/City and RACIST BULLIES who break City, State and Federal laws and the City lets them!

Sharon Cohen Jones: · Friends with Gabi Berlin
Why did it take two weeks? Because tech companies practice rampant age discrimination, and therefore there’s no one working there who’s old enough to know what this photo is, nor recognize its importance.

Jenny Lens: Sharon Cohen Jones: exactly, stated by others. Repeatedly read about age discrimination. Major Apple dude can’t even get a job at Apple store. He bloody well worked on the products they sell. Can’t even help others use them. You betcha.girl-running-vietnam