Thanksgiving prayer: That each of us TRULY give Thanks, often, every day, for our lives. Using Facebook, I report on shit happening so we DO something. Even if only pray and spread the word. We humans CAN and MUST do better!

No matter GOP, Dem, Green, Indie, Libertarian, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist, Agnostic, Metaphysical, Spiritual: we ALL bleed red. We are the SAME on cellular levels. The SAME as Mother Earth. You know those minerals in food? They are in stones, lava, water, air, the WORLD around us.

If we don’t start to take better care of EACH other and STOP BLAMING OTHERS, your religion or politics or nationality or every your wealth is NOT gonna save you and your loved ones from the escalating VIOLENCE in so-called “civilized” countries.

US Police are PARAMILITARY. They have the tools, the arms, the tanks, the political power. I bet a lot of pro-gun folks would agree with ME: Cops are outta control. I’m as concerned about our police forces as I am about pro-gun folks. At least I don’t think gun fanatics (who insist no background checks to at least make it a tiny bit harder for nutcases to arm themselves) don’t have tanks to roll into town, like Ferguson. Or Chicago. Gezzus WTF.

A DEMOCRATIC Mayor and he’s as corrupt as during Capone’s era. Jewish tool. Rahm Emanuel brings shame to Jews. May his Hanukkah be fucked. Cos he sure ruined mine, reading all this. Whatta POS.

Elliot Ness ain’t gonna fix up Chicago. WE GOTTA FIX OUR CITIES, States, and Country(ies).

ALL these smart techy connected ppl on FB. And what, nothing about Chicago? NOTHING after all the news and Facebook coverage since last year in Ferguson? MILITARY GEAR being used on poor folks. Mostly black, but this same scene is coming near year. Not on the big screen, in face to face. Getting scared of REAL POLICE MILITIA right here, in many cities, in many numbers.

You are ok with a guy being choked to death on the streets of NEW YORK cos he was selling cigarettes? Yet only a handful of people seem to care.

YOU better PRAY this shit doesn’t bite YOU all in yr collective asses.

You’ve been warned. I’ve NEVER been wrong about politics … punk predicted this. What do you think Joe Strummer sang about with the Clash??

Ya READ lyrics or the news, not just channeled through Fox or CNN. Even my fave, HuffingtonPost deliberately doesn’t cover what’s going down on or from Dems OR GOP!!

IF you are not sharing this news, if you are not commenting on news sites, if you are not doing SOMETHING, YOU ARE “Working for the Clampdown.”

YOU are either part of the problem or solution.

Let’s work together, AS HUMANS, to create a world G-d loves and approves. Heaven on Earth. As my mother always said. Heaven and Hell are HERE, right now. Ok, maybe worse in those other places so many are always talking about.

WE CAN CREATE a sample version of Heaven and Hell NOW. So let’s kick this up more heavenward.

YOU are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Thank you for BEing you. Now let’s get this HUMAN Party started!

PS: IF all those haters on Facebook whom I blocked and removed some re Bette, Caitlyn and GOP really KNEW me, they’d know I’m on their side on many issues. Hateful brain-washed nasty gnarly trolls, taken down and out by a lotta pals and strangers who shut their ignorant hateful rhetoric down.

Yet I bet those hateful trolls would agree there’s some scary police personnel, heavy duty military armaments and vehicles, and lying attorneys and politicians right in our back yards. Both parties. Citizens. Not anchor babies.

See, that’s what’s wrong with spreading hate. You don’t know who agrees w/some of your beliefs and woes.

WHOSE idea was it to arm cops with perfectly good military gear, so our taxes could buy more for the armed forces. You know we paid for those tanks twice, right? TO be used against US?

That’s how YOU want YOUR tax dollars spent? Arming the cops against YOU? No wonder pro-gun folks want more guns. (I am NOT agreeing with them. I’m saying we share some concerns. This crosses all party lines, as I wrote above.)

From NEW YORK to Chicago to Ferguson. Coming to a theatre or drive-in near you. Wait, we get our entertainment in our hands … Up against the wall!