“GOP and Putin will throw tons of crap onto the Internet as we get close to the election. If people are easily swayed (as many were in 2016), it won’t be good.” Sharing my answer to my alarmed Facebook pal. But first, Politico Magazine echoed and elaborated this theme. Yay, great minds think alike.

Ya can’t fix stupid … but if enough ppl who keep donating money, time, posting about this situation, AND ppl who ARE losing money cos they need immigrant workers or other Trump things … I think there’s more leaning towards Blue.

So I focus on that … I don’t argue with ppl who are idiots. I just state facts and links.

Appeal to people’s HEARTS.

Keep reminding people: imagine your baby, your grandchild, any child, being ripped from it’s mother’s breast while being fed, imagine little kids crying around the clock … imagine businesses suffering, heck, the food you eat, cos no one picking lettuce or working in fisheries or elsewhere, so farmers and fisheries or elsewhere are suffering … and no coal jobs.

Ya wanna vote for LIARS who are taking away YOUR Social Security, food stamps, and more …

Just point out what THEY have lost and will lose if GOP stays in control.

Stay on that message.

Cos that’s what the right does … EMOTIONS. What ppl are losing.

Not trying to talk sense … just basic quality of life issues.

That’s the progressive side of me. Dems think logical clarification will sway voters. No way. Hit them in the heart!!

IMHO. ❤ #VoteBlue2018 #BlueWave2018