Volunteering In the Age Of Trump. “Experts say that unemployed and lower-income people would benefit greatly from doing more volunteer work, since it builds networks and skills that can lead to jobs, and generally increases feelings of well-being.”

What the world needs is love, sweet love, now more than ever!

I REALLY want to mentor Millennials and Boomers, and anyone in-between, to use tech and art to heal ourselves and our country. While we still allowed tools and freedom of speech. We need to step up our professionalism like on the Right. Conservatives and Evangelicals organized in the 80s, and always one step ahead of Progressives and those with hearts and morals.

We gotta volunteer! I give my services. But I too often make a major mistake. I am soooo enthusiastic about their business, organization, product or cause, and show or tell them so many up-to-date ideas. Plus how to get a team of student interns to build and run it. Online efficiency. Using tech tools better.

Too many don’t wanna know. So I’m blogging about that on my teaching site, Dreaming Big Rocks! Might not be any yet, and I will forget to update this when I do start blogging, but check it out!

I love teaching and SHARING and most of all, EMPOWERING People. Can be very enjoyable. Meditative. Inspiring. Oh heck, ya might make some money! Help others.

I know lots of people, very financially successful to not making a dime, volunteering, mentoring or learning, growing, staying alive in the Age of Trump, GOP and those in alignment. With putting infants, children, and teens into tents in the Texas desert in the Texas summer.

Ya might wanna help. In-person or so many, online. Whatever your passion, most of us can share our heart’s desire more effectively and enjoyably than we are now. In most cases.

What the world needs is love, sweet love, now more than ever! Volunteering, available in many forms, might be beneficial for you too! Thank you! Please share, cos we all need each other to give a little more before we lose a lot more. Take care!

#VolunteeringInAgeOfTrump Volunteering In the Age Of Trump