Many people are asking “what the freakin’ hell happened to our country?” Too many people became complacent. They didn’t wake up sooner and realize ALOTTA ppl are angry at decent people. Hateful anger against We who are horrified at babies being torn from mothers (and know TRUMP and Sessions are totally responsible, not Dems, who are powerless and never that cruel, inhumane and abusive), for leaving Dreamers up in the air, for eroding safe air and water, for threatening seniors with less Social Security and Medicare, excluding people from insurance cos they have pre-existing conditions most everyone has!, and so on.

Complacent people called progressives, libtards, Dems, and some others. The folks with empathy and hearts. I don’t endorse illegal immigration, ok? But these are NOT the way to deal with our issues!

How dare we first make life hell for these kids brought here years ago, told they could stay, now forced to deal with piles of paperwork and still don’t know if they can stay, and many being deported? Oner about the 17 year old returned to Mexico, whose throat was cut three weeks later? He didn’t have skills to survive. Totally different culture. Those who sent him back, GOP and Trump supporters, killed that teen boy. Treating these kids and young adults like this is child abuse and bullying. Or if over 18, it’s still abusive bullying.  They are totally unsuited to live, study, work in their country of birth. WE are traumatizing them for life!

I am not a fan of families coming here, without papers, and getting social services. It happens, don’t tell me it doesn’t. But don’t do this to those longtime ‘residents.’ 

BUT damnit, you don’t pull a nursing baby from its mother’s teat and then blame Democrats!

WE GOTTA VOTE. We gotta talk about this MORE in our lives. Liberals and moderates don’t obsess over politics. The right wing does. GOP spew fearful lying propaganda. Their minions eat it up. Feeds into their issues.

We gotta talk! Libs don’t talk. Like it’s not polite or everything is fine.

We gotta STOP fighting with each other. Not be so prissy over identity politics and “micro-triggering.” WE lose SO many moderates cos of that silly issue. Millennials need to prioritize better. #GetReal!!

This whole topic of “micro-triggering.” is bull shit crap. I earned several college degrees. I taught at colleges. Part of growing up and learning and thriving, not just barely surviving, is being challenged. Deal with discomfort zones. OR be discriminated against, when you wan special treatment. Get some cajones!!

Learn to accept that which you don’t agree with. We ALL gotta get along. Censoring each other cos of some silly, stupid ‘purity’ test or taboo topics, like books esp, and school assignments and discussion, help you thrive!

I am not talking hate, I grew up in shadow of Holocaust.

I mean the bit about ‘stealing’ someone’s ‘culture.’ Heck, people been stealing and using other cultures forever. STOP BEING SO TRIBAL. Or you will LOSE your rights!

Let’s unify on a few topics. They have pro-life, the Rapture, anti-LBGTQ, etc. What are OUR catch words? Rinse and Repeat. Stop the silly in-fighting!!

We gotta train and run and work with good candidates and keep it up after they are elected. Talk, volunteer. WAKE PPL UP! Be more involved. The right wing sure are!

People with money need to start more liberal radio and TV and BIG online presences, more unified though!! Don’t give up like earlier progressive radio. It was too early. Figure out how to do it cheaply! Gee, ppl set up their own radio stations and online, and with good marketing, build that audience.

Everyone must get involved. Freaking SHARE and write more. Ppl barely respond to my political stuff. Stop being so lazy.

I post punk pix and I get 30-70 likes. I post politics and crickets, with few exceptions.

We gotta fight MASSIVE lies on Sinclair stations (tons of local news) and Fox, Breitbart, etc who sprew LYING Propaganda!

It’s simple. We progressives and moderates, on the fencers and never Trumpers DO NOT get involved enough or vote!

We don’t #FightTheGoodFight. That’s what happened.

When good ppl DO NOTHING or not enough cos evil people never shut up with lies and fear, THIS is what happens!

Worked in Germany in the 1920s til Yanks (USA) and allies (Britain, France, CANADA, Australia, [and other places in Brit Empire, I bet]) had to stop it.

Cos people then, like people today, didn’t get involved early enough. They didn’t take brownshirts seriously. People didn’t take people in red hats seriously.

Will it be stopped before guns, tanks and bombs in the street? Could happen unless we stop this. But it’s a runaway train.

We punks warned people.

Today’s punk fans think punk is fun and loving music. OMG.

We were talking about “Life During Wartime,” very early 1970’s Talking Heads song. Loved it. We were screaming about this day coming. We learned from history.

As a child of the Holocaust, I prayed hard never to live thru this era, could not stop it. I saw it early, since childhood. Starts after WW2 and HUAC and military-industrial complex.

Money and power hungry people are what happened. Good people complacency. Thinking our vote doesn’t count. So we don’t vote. Fulfilling our fears.

Get active and know what’s happening NOW! Vote Blue, but then hold the winners’ feet to the fire to work for us! Dems are GOP lite. No matter whom in power, we gotta be MORE active.

A democratic republic requires CONSTANT vigil. The Founding Fathers knew that. So this won’t keep happening. I sure pray hard, to the Universe. Mostly to stay calm. To speak out another day.

#SpeakTruthToPower #VoteBlue #IfYouAreNotOutragedYouAreNotPayingAttention #StayVigilant #HoldDemsFeetToFireButVoteDem #DoNotTakeDemocracyForGranted #SpeakUp #GetInvolvedInPolitics