WHAT we SAY and THINK is actually as vital as HOW we say it. Too often, we value substance over style.

People are too quick to call women mean or catty. IN reality, we often are speaking Truth to Power.

Moving on, sometimes women and men casually say or write something which has an element of negativity.

The truth is suppressed when we pass automatic, thoughtless judgement on ourselves or others.

I really want to do this, but I won’t make any money.” That’s limiting. These days, if you work it right, you just might make some money. So pivot and say: “I really want to do this, not sure how much I’ll make.”

Someone said, “I love doing this, but I don’t make any money.” I was stunned. I ran some social media ideas by her. She was stunned. She has NO concept and worse, no curiosity nor open mind of using tech at all. Shame, cos she teaches and is a swell person. Lots to share. IF she were willing to get more comfy with tech, she’d do great! But … anyway …

Keep the door open to making money. So many ways to monetize these days. Like using tech. Yeah.

Who knows how much money you will make? Who knows how many people will see your work, virally share or whatever!

I say this cos I’ve seen people do very well in a HUGE variety of ways online. Serving others, being profitable, because they DREAM BIGGER DREAMS.

So that’s just one example of watching what you say. Don’t put limiting thoughts out there.

I drove my room-mate so nuts with paying attention to words that I can never talk to her like that topic again. So not everyone will agree. That’s their right. Freedom to not see eye-to-eye.

BUT, ask successful people, and they will agree, this works wonders! Lots of highly reputable experts like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracey, Zig Ziglar, Louise Hay, and so many others stress this point.

My late Mother taught me this. She was very wise. She learned from masters. She studied the power of our words, our thoughts, our mind. It’s very important to think about the words we tell others. Be AWARE. They reflect us.

Plus, when those words reflect badly on us, pay attention. Learn to reprogram your thoughts. Or pivot. When you say or think or feel something that’s a criticism, look at it. Maybe you have internalized all this negativity.

You don’t realize you are not doing or saying something horrible. Like equating being mean when telling the truth. That’s society’s way of shutting us up.

Men and Women. But women are called catty. Society takes it further, demonizing us more than men. Men are said to be strong standing up to each other. So think about it.

ATTENTION MUST BE PAID.* Cos this affects Men as much as Women, fer sure.

What society has told us to feel, think and be is often NOT our truth. Don’t put negative thoughts on yourself, or others, unless you know it to be the truth. Not just your truth, but the truth. That’s why I elaborated here regarding expanding my response I first posted on Facebook.

I said some people earned college degrees but were dumb. I followed by naming each and their issues. ALL widely documented in the news for years. I wasn’t lying nor being libelous.

Whatta GREAT Feeling when You realize Speaking Truth to Power is NOT MEAN, it’s Liberating!

You realize that much of what you’ve been taught is well, gotta take with grain of salt and live beyond. So you keep speaking up! Attention Must be Paid…*

*Google “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller.